A collection of videos featuring the DTG fleet of English Electric locomotives in action on either heritage railways or on the KiwiRail network at the head of excursion trains in the South Island. 

On Sunday 15th July 2018, Di 1102 began to be put through its paces for testing and certification on the Weka Pass Railway after a nine year restoration job undertaken by the Diesel Traction Group. On this wet North Canterbury day she operated the two public passenger services from Glenmark to Waikari and return.

During July 2018, the Diesel Traction Group arranged a hook & tow agreement with KiwiRail to transfer Di 1102 & Dg 772 from their home at Ferrymead to the Weka Pass Railway at Waipara. Along the way, Di 1102 had it’s tyres re-profiled on the wheel lathe at Addington so that it will have a fresh set of tyres for a new life operating heritage excursions.

During Easter Weekend 2018, Di 1102 made its come back to the rails when it made its first public appearance on the Ferrymead Railway operating passenger services over the long weekend.

On Saturday 31st March 2018, the Canterbury Railway Society & DTG hosted a railfans day on the Ferrymead Railway during Easter Weekend. The day saw the first public outing of Di 1102 after a recently completed nine year restoration, plus a variety of steam, diesel & electric motive power in action on various heritage consists.

On Saturday 14th October 2017, another major milestone for DTG based at Ferrymead Heritage Park was achieved when the first engine testing of the sole surviving member of the Di class, no. 1102 built by the English Electric Australia works, in Queensland, in 1966 was undertaken after a nine year long restoration.

DE 1429 has been on loan to the Weka Pass Railway from the DTG, Ferrymead since September 2015 as a shunting locomotive for the railway while Dsa 276 is out of action. While based in Waipara, the opportunity to run a rail photographer’s day was held on Saturday 20th May 2017 featuring English Electric motive power in action including a triple header with the Weka Pass Railway’s Dg’s 791 & 770.

During Easter Monday 2017 - The Canterbury Railway Society hosted a running day with a difference featuring forms of English Electric built motive power in action. During the day, Dg 772 from DTG was paired with electric locomotive Eo 3 running a 2 car passenger train over the railway including the turning triangle.

DTG’s DE 1429 has been leased to the Weka Pass Railway in North Canterbury since September 2015. The locomotive has been assigned to their works trains and shunting duties and we capture one of these operations heading up the line to replace a number of sleepers.

On Saturday 12th April 2014, DTG and the Canterbury Railway Society used Dg 772 & DE 1429 with a mixed train during a cold autumn evening. This event was to raise funds for the DTG's restoration project on locomotive Di 1102.